NOYAFA NF-515 Wall Scanner Finder Digital Multi-Scanner Metal + Wood + AC Wire + All-in-one Multimode Detection


1. Multimode object detection: wood studs, metal objects, or live wiring.
2. Informative graphic display when find the material.
3 .Quickly locate the metal wood AC wire that are hidden in somewhere.
4. Automatic calibration.


1. Locate wood, metal studs, joists, beams, metal pipes, rebar & live AC wire behind walls, floors, ceilings.
2. 4 working modes: Non-metal / Metal / AC wire / Intergrated scan.
3. Large LCD display together with the big sound to detect the accurate location of stud1 metal AC wires. 4. Green: The detector has calibrated automatically and get read.
5. Yellow: Getting closer to the target.
6. Red: The center of the sensor was located.


* Maximum detection depth: Magnetic metal: 150mm
                                                  : Non-magnetic metal: 80mm
                                                  : Wood: 30mm
                                                  : Live wire: 100mm
* Auto power-off time: 5min
* Operating temperature: -10~+50℃
* Storage temperature: -20~+70℃
* Power:3.7V Li-ion 1500mAh
* Battery life:10 hours
* Weight:237g
* Protection class: IP54

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