KONNWEI KW600 Battery Tester With Printer 8-16V For Car Motorcycle Truck Lawn Mower Steamship

KW600 Battery Tester adopts the state-of-art conductance testing technology in the word to easily, quickly and accurately measure the actual cold cranking amps capability of the vehicle starting battery, healthy state of the battery itself, and common fault of the vehicle starting system and charging system, which can help maintenance personnel to find the problem quickly and accurately. thus to achieve quick vehicle repair.


* Model: KONNWEI KW600
* Product nameCar Battery Analyzer, motorcycle battery tester ,  Digital Battery Tester,    Values Lead Acid Load
  Battery Automotive Voltage Tester
* Color: Black color
* Usage: Auto Testing Machine, Test li-ion battery, Environment-simulated Test Chamber
* Material: ABS housing
* Item size( cm): 14*11*2.5
* Item Net weight(kgs): 0.29
* LCD Screen Size(Inch): 2.4Inchs LCD TFT Colorful Screen
* Application: For all 12V cars battery such as vehicles car/ gasoline cars/Hybrid electric vehicle
* Language choice: English,German,French,Japanese,Korean,Dutch,Russian,Spanish,Italian,Portuguese,Polish,Persian

Specifications :

1.Measure Standard
12Display: Color TFT LCD Screen
13.System Voltage:12 Volts
14.Input Voltage Range:8V-16V
15.Power Requirements: No internal batteries required.
16.Power on when hooked up during testing.
17.Operating Temperature:0℃-50℃
18.Storage Temperature:-20℃-70℃

KONNWEI KW600 Car battery tester

Application :

KW600 konnwei Battery tools can test all 12V car battery include battery from gasoline, diesel, hybrid electric vehicles, motorcycle batteries , Truck Lawn mower Steamship batteries and emergency batteries.      

Use a test a wide range of 12v batteries(Starting{SLI},Deep Cycled and Marine) of Wet(Flooded),VRLA or Maintenance Free (MF),Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF), Absorption Glass Mat(AGM),EFB and GEL Cell.

KONNWEI KW600 Auto Battery Analyzer

        KONNWEI KW600 12V car battery tester is able to effectively analyze and read important car data such as voltage, internal resistance, cold cranking amp and AH capacity, battery health and charge status.  It provides accurate results, calculates the cold cranking capability of the battery and the aging extent, allowing for a quicker, more precise car repairing. Test results display in both text and graphing, but the real-time battery voltage showing in a waveform. With an intelligent 2.4” LCD screen and STM32 main chip, reading access is practical and rapid! Lifetime update service is supported by KONNWEI BT link app.

Function :

* System voltage 12 Volts and Voltage test in wave form Test Result Good, Recharge or Replace

* Capacity Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), DIN, EN and IEC information relative to battery rating. Internal resistance value (mΩ) and Life in percentage (%)

* Cranking system and Charging system

* Record and re-play battery data, Life-time free update service

* Battery test, cranking test, charging test and other additional functions.

* The major battery standards CA,CCA,BCL,MCA,JIS,SAE,EN,GB,DIN and IEC are supported


1.System voltage: 12 Volts

2.Test Result: Good, Recharge or Replace

3.Capacity - Cold Cranking Amps

(CCA), DIN, EN and IEC information relative to battery rating.

4.Internal resistance value (mΩ)

5.Life in percentage (%)

6.Cranking system

7.Charging system

8.Voltage test in waveform

9.Record and re-play battery data, Life-time free update service

10.Battery test, cranking test, charging test and other additional functions.


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