Concrete Cement Wall Hole Saw Drill Bit SDS Shank Rod Wrench Tool Kit Large Big Huge Wall Hole Drill 50mm 60mm 90mm Hole

* Made of high quality metal material and with carbide tipped. M42 high speed steel alloy.
* Rounds alloy blade combinations, each blade to bear part of the workload, not prone to chipping off the edge
* High-frequency welding technology, welding openings is very strong, smooth inside and outside welding mouth, * precision engage, appearance.
* Suitable For: brick, concrete walls, air conditioning openings
* Cutter depth: 51mm;
* Rod: 200mm
* Cutting Diameter: 50mm or 60mm or 90mm

Packing Included:
1 Quantity Package Included
1 x Wall Hole Saw
1 x Connecting Rod
1 x Drill Bit

Can fit onto your own drill / wrench.

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